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Baby's First Kind Words

Baby's First Kind Words

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This delightfully illustrated, colourful board book introduces babies and toddlers to kind words and phrases, from \"please\" and \"thanks\" to \"share,\" \"care,\" and \"bye-bye.\"

Kindness begins with babies! Introducing concepts of kindness and compassion at the earliest stages of learning helps the idea stick as little ones grow. Through simple words, phrases, and bright, beautiful illustrations by Hsinping Pan, Baby's First Kind Words presents language and actions that demonstrate affection and caring. Charming art brings the nicest words - such as \"help,\" \"peace,\" \"welcome,\" and \"thanks\" - to life for even the littlest children. This sweet board book is a joyful read that parents and their children will return to again and again.

AGES: 0 to 3

Hsinping Pan is an animator and illustrator from Taiwan who holds a master's degree in animation and digital arts from the University of Southern California. Her prize-winning films have been shown at festivals worldwide and her illustrations have won the bronze prize from 3x3 magazine. Her clients include Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network, Disney, The Land of Nod, and Real Simple, and her works can be seen on book covers and in commercials, movies, music videos, magazines, and children's books, including the bestseller Be Kind.

• Big values in a small board book. This book taps into the growing kindness movement and teaches babies and toddlers to be caring, empathetic, and kind.
• Modern, fresh illustrations. Hsinping Pan's diverse characters and colourful illustrations bring lively, lovely energy to the ideas at the heart of the book, giving the it great gift appeal and ensuring that it will be read again and again.
• A special adaptation of the best-selling Be Kind. Showcasing wonderful artwork by the illustrator of Naomi Shulman's Be Kind, this sweet book helps adults introduce kindness concepts to children at their earliest stages of learning and development.

Format: Board Book
Pages: 20
Dimension: 152mm X 152mm