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Perfect Sofa

Perfect Sofa

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Penguin and Panda decide it's time for a new sofa - but they are overwhelmed by the options. Will they find what they're looking for?

When Penguin and Panda decide their tired sofa is in need of replacement, they set out to find the perfect one. But none of the options are quite right and no sofa can seem to match the comfort of the one they already have. Is what they're looking for closer than they think?

AGES: 3 to 5

Fifi Kuo grew up in Taiwan, a beautiful island in East Asia with multiple cultures. She studied landscape architecture design before studying illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. She loves drawing, travelling, photography, and music, and she hopes to deliver love and meaningful messages through her artwork.

Author: KUO, FIFI
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Dimension: 280mm X 215mm